All kinds of leather shoes can draw some water in the rain.
Wet and damp shoes should be dried at room temperature.

Sweat absorbed by the shoe evaporates in 24 hours. For this reason, it is possible to wear your shoes with 2-day intervals for a longer time.

Leather-based products should not be used in rainy and snowy weather. Otherwise, the leather softens and starts to wear after a certain time.

Be careful not to use your nubuck and suede shoes in rainy weather.

Leather shoes should be polished in their own color or with a natural polish to increase the service life.

Lace-up shoes should be worn by removing the laces and removed.

We must wear the shoes using the pull. It causes tearing, bending, breaking of seams and deformation of the skin in the heel part of the products that are tried to be worn by hand or by pressing on it. After the use of leather and suede products in snowy weather, white spots may form on your shoe due to its acidic nature. Therefore, wearing these products is not recommended in extremely snowy and rainy weather.

Leather shoes take the shape of the foot because it can stretch. In this respect, the shoes from the combs and upper parts will squeeze the foot slightly in time.