Human Resources

Flower Shoes is an organization that is aware that not only production quality and marketing strategy but also workforce is the most important element in order to produce the best and become the most preferred brand. For this reason, it has adopted the principle of keeping the qualified manpower in its structure and evaluating the workforce in the best way from the bottom to the top and satisfying its employees in material and spiritual terms.

The most competent human resources management practices required for this purpose are aimed at the efficient evaluation of the existing personnel and the protection of the job satisfaction of the employees. With the developing market conditions and production / sales increase, new labor force is also needed every day.

Being a part of Flower Shoes team is a researcher, self-sacrificing, constructive and productive person who has received the necessary trainings for the work done by every individual from the lowest staff to the highest level. means being. All of our colleagues are people who know the requirements of the age and keep pace with the developing technology, produce solutions, not problems, shareers, develop communication skills and attach importance to team work and everyone is seen as the most important building block of this family under the roof of our company.

The element that always keeps Flower Shoes dynamic is that it has an experienced and young staff. Being a part of this team, besides being able to work in a privileged organization, contributes significantly to the achievement of career goals.

If you want to be a part of this team, you can send your resume to